Welcome to the world of EnglinArt.

EnglinArt began as a way for two sisters, living in different parts of the country, to share their diverse and eclectic talents with the world.  More than a decade later, it has evolved into a place to showcase and rejoice in the many paths that art can journey on: Art for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Through this evolution it has remained the home for beautifully hand-crafted portraits of you, or your loved ones, rendered from your photographs.

Each one is unique.  Each one is done with the love and care that only EnglinArt can provide.

But EnglinArt is more than portraits.  We also celebrate art for the Body.   

Angel portrait - Patty Polski 01:2010

At Englinart we understand that art should also nourish, celebrate,and be a reflection of the Spirit.  This is the source of our joy and we would love to share it with you.


Please browse through our site.  If you have any questions or comments, Englinart can be contacted here.

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